Biden campaign uses virtual approach to reach Black men

Special to the Outlook

While Florida is now considered a toss-up state in the presidential election, the Biden for President campaign recently held a virtual meeting to highlight voting resources, including a roadmap to help engage Black men in the voting process.

Speakers included State Representative Shevrin Jones, DNC Vice Chairman Michael Blake, Biden for President Florida African American Vote Director Clifton Addison and elected officials. A group of Black men from across the state also participated in the event.

“We know exactly who Donald Trump is. (He) is the same person who hid in the White House after George Floyd was killed. (He) is the one who asked, ‘What do (Black people) have to lose,’ and come to find out, Black men have everything to lose,” said Jones. “Under the Trump Administration, unemployment among Black men has doubled to a staggering 1.4 million people. Unemployment among young Black men rose to 29.8 percent. 40 percent of Black small businesses were forced to lay off employees and cut their wages. Again, we have everything to lose.”

Several of Florida’s elected leaders participated in a recent virtual campaign meeting targeting Black men.
Photo courtesy Biden campaign

Blake noted the importance of voting in an election that he said demands participation of Blacks.

“I’ll be damned if I have to wake up on November 4 wondering what happened. When we talk about 34 days [until the election], it’s not 34 days my brothers. Virginia and North Carolina have already started voting. It’s just 34 days until November 3, and we have to operate with a sense of urgency,” said DNC Vice Chairman Michael Blake. “Whip Clyburn said something to a few of us on a call a few weeks ago, which was that he truly in his heart believes that this is the most important and consequential Presidential Election since Abraham Lincoln. We must understand the magnitude of the moment. It’s on us.”

Addison reiterated that Election Day is fast approaching.

“In less than 30 days, the country will decide who will be our next president of the United States,” said Addison. “With that being said, Black men are a critical voter block, not only in Florida, but for the entire nation. Our participation will be critical in deciding the outcome of the election.”