Being in-charge not easy for ‘boss ladies’

Tria Thomas, Dr.Yvette M. Holmes, Gladys O. Murray Photo by Marquavia Smith

Tria Thomas, Dr.Yvette M. Holmes, Gladys O. Murray
Photo by Marquavia Smith



By Marquavia Smith
Outlook Writer

Being a female boss can be quite a challenge for any woman. But that isn’t the way Gladys O. Murray feels, as she inspired a room full of women to stop waiting for someone’s approval to be great.
“Stop seeking validation of your greatness, and just be great,” Murray told a group of women who attended a Boss Women Tally empowerment brunch Saturday, Jan. 9, at Nefetari’s restaurant.
“I was waiting for someone to tell me what they saw in me, to compliment me, empower me, motivate, and uplift me. (But) through experience, I learned that you can’t wait for someone else to tell you that,” Murray continued.

Gasping many hearts and listening ears from the audience that agreed, Murray left the stage with a powerful message that had applauses circulating the room.


Many motivational speakers and networking opportunities were provided thanks to creator Angel Olofin, who believed that it was time for Boss women to take a stand and own their place in the world.
“Being a boss in America is a challenge itself as women, because it’s more of a male ran industry.” Olofin said, “I really have the desire to give us(women) a bigger platform to promote ourselves, our business, and what we do.”

There was so much to gain from each speaker at this event, from branding, marketing, finances, makeup, fashion, and fitness tips.

Professor of marketing and business guru Dr.Yvette M. Holmes also had some influential things to share with the audience.

Holmes made 3 points that the audience should think about when marketing themselves and their brand to becoming a better female boss.

“Point 1: Marketing is to important to be left only to the marketing department, Point 2: Don’t find customers for your product, find products(or ideas) for your customers, and Point 3: Don’t spend major time on minor things, minor things only deserve minor time, Holmes told the crowd.
The audience was so engaged on her tips and message that she had many singing “Nobody’s Greater” by gospel recording artist VaShawn Mitchell.

Blazin 102.3 Entertainment correspondent Moriah “Monay” Johnson was in attendance at the brunch. “The environment set the tone, ” Johnson said.

She also added that the speakers were great to communicate and network with.
“It’s really nice to get to know each other and our aspirations. It’s amazing to get tips and tricks that I now know, so I can pass on to other people,” Johnson stated openly.

Overall, Boss Women Tally had every woman in the room eager to connect with one another, share ideas, and gain new business connections. In a society that thinks men should always be in charge, this event helped each person in the room think greater so they can become greater and prove that women too, can be female bosses.