Alexander Honored for His Work with DYG

Ramon Alexander

Ramon Alexander


By Navael Fontus
Outlook Writer

Fifteen honorees were selected for the 2015 Heritage Month presented by Bethel Missionary Baptist Church. These honorees were selected for their dedication and commitment in the community and for those who volunteer on a daily basis to make the lives and experiences of youth more positive while encouraging their academic success.


Among the honorees selected was Ramon Alexander, founder and CEO of Distinguished Young Gentlemen of America.


Alexander is a prominent figure in the Tallahassee area and has an unyielding love and passion for public service he does in the community. He is a nationally recognized motivational speaker and is in the forefront when it comes to issues of human rights and civil rights.


“Ramon is a very gifted and committed young man,” said Rev. R.B Holmes. “He was selected for this award because he is an inspiration to his peers and this community.”


Among all the work he has done throughout his career, Alexander is most proud of the work he has put in through his Distinguished Young Gentlemen of America. DYG is a youth leadership program designed to impact the lives of young adults in the community.


DYG focuses on academic excellence, service in the community and manly deeds among other things. The organization has 14 chapters across the nation from Beaumont, Texas to Louisville, Ky. and Alexander currently serves as the national executive director.


The youth leadership program prides itself on mentoring youth through academic support resources, various workshops and being a training ground for the next local, state and national leaders.


“We are very proud of the work that our community partners and volunteers have been able to pull together in service of individuals that are in need of assistance and help,” said Alexander of DYG and their work effort.


Other honorees included Pamela Coleman, youth leader at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church and Dr. Mary Bell Young, executive director of the Miccosukee Youth Education Foundation.


“It is so important that we work together, said Alexander.


“There are so many partners and agencies that are in the community and for people to be appreciated for their work is always a good thing. Anytime we have the opportunity to be amongst others that are like-minded and understand the importance of giving back service is always a great thing,” said Alexander