A Tea Party with a Spoonful of Love

Misha Eaton and fellow Chelsea House supporter  were all smiles during the event. Photos by Mahoganie Reckley

Misha Eaton and fellow Chelsea House supporter were all smiles during the event.
Photos by Mahoganie Reckley

Attendees  sat down to enjoy their lunch.

Attendees sat down to enjoy their lunch.






By Mahoganie Reckley
Outlook Writer

Hot tea, baked goods and warm hearts set the atmosphere of Christian Heritage Church’s fellowship hall on Aug. 29.

As individuals of Tallahassee’s community filed in to participate in the Chelsea House’s “Breaking Free” afternoon Tea, the event was filled with activities for participants such as: a door prize raffle, table judging contest and a get to know you challenge. This function serves as a fundraiser to help the Chelsea House continue to grow and help in the community.

Supporters of the Chelsea House brought tables and decorated them with their finest china. Others invited their closest friends and family to come and help out. While others main objective, besides raising money for a great cause, was to win the one of a kind jewelry piece door prize.

The ladies took to socializing and networking while filling out their get-to-know you challenge. Volunteers tried their hand at being models for a day showcasing some of the items that were donated to the Chelsea House.

Jamil Jefferson shared why she came to the event, “I was invited by a coworker. So I just came out to support and see what the Chelsea House is all about and also, provided financial assistance.”

Since 2007, hundreds of women have called the Chelsea House their home while going through crisis. The organization was the brain child of Chelsea Batts who desired to create a home for women and children experiencing homelessness. When Chelsea passed away before it could become a reality; Chelsea’s mentor Beth Burns has made the idea far more than either one of them could have imagined. Burns named the organization after Chelsea to honor her memory and to show how much she taught her.

“Chelsea taught me a lot of things in that short period of time. I was able to get to know her. She taught me there is a whole ‘nother world out there. I had preconceived ideas of what a homeless woman looked like. When I met Chelsea, she completely changed my mindset, she begin to teach me there was a whole lot more to it,” said Burns.

Longtime supporter of the Chelsea House, Dena Woodburn hopes that attendees of the gathering would take away a giving attitude as she has by supporting the organization.

Woodburn had this to say, “I hope that people would honor the Lord and to display there is life beyond trouble and that God is good all the time and his mercy endures forever.”